Although autism has been an epidemic in America, Greece is proud of a culture that is based on tolerance and acceptance, autism has emerged as a social issue only during the kast few years thanks to the efforts of a handful of scientists and parents. This has been due in part to lack of state funding for research and proper supportive structures within the educational and health system, delayed diagnosis, lack of training programs for teachers and parents, lack of a unified and structured awareness campaign, and a reluctance of several parents to accept the condition of their children and step forward. Experience has shown that local communities can be accepting and supportive as long as they have proper "coaching." Thus us where efforts like ours come in.


As our mission states, SPARTA's programs involve a multi-dimensional approach of treatment, education, and research.


Applying empirically supported behavioral interventions in ABA to nonverbal children diagnosed with Autism living in rural areas (e.g., villages, mountains)


Home-based parent training through empirically-supported behavioral interventions in ABA


Conduct and publish research on the effectiveness of ABA treatments and parent training with the American and Greek populations

Our 1st Autism Music Benefit Concert

Sat, Jul 29 - Sun, Jul 30 2017

Crete, Greece